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Easy website builders

Nowadays there are several website builders easily available that you can make use of to develop your own website. Most of these website builders offer a fully functional free version with a basic web template and a few pages but with limited web hosting.  To avail of the more advanced features, you can easily upgrade to a premium account for a small monthly fee.

After checking out several, I’ve found that these are some of the better free website development tools that you can use for building your website.

Infolinks – runner up to Google

The top most In-Text Advertisement Advertising program after Google, Infolinks provides Intext advertising for all varieties of text based blogs and websites. What’s more, you do not necessarily need a high profile site. With Infolinks, you can earn considerable income if you just have some decent traffic on your site. The good news is that Infolinks approves every application it receives so you don’t need to spend sleepless nights wondering about it.


Targeted ads with Chitika

While Chitika may not offer as many types of ads as its competitors, the few ads that it offers are very targeted, which means you can expect a higher Click Through Rate or CTR. This is  the only ad-network that helps promote a better user experience by knowing when an ad should not be displayed. And because their ads are non-contextual and so completely different from Adsense units, you can use Chitika Ads along with Adsense, allowing you to benefit from both. They also offer a 10% referral program.


Contextual ads with Bidvertiser

Similar to Google Adsense, Bidvertiser displays only contextual advertisements depending upon the content on your site. They make it easy for subscribers to customize the layout of the ads with simple point and click tools. With Bidvertiser, website owners have the ability to automatically sell their ad space to the highest bidder. You get paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad and if the click turns into conversion, you get additional revenue. However, unless yours is a high traffic blog, you are not likely to see significant earnings.


Online advertising network: Adbrite

One of the oldest and most popular online advertising networks, Adbrite specializes in selling advertizing on websites by displaying banner ads. They are a completely transparent platform and give members greater control over the results by allowing direct access to advanced campaign data and analytics. It has the best results for US and UK related traffic.


Website affiliate programs

Signing up with website affiliate programs is one of the most popular ways for anyone to make money online.  As an affiliate you get paid for every customer, subscriber or visitor that arrives at an affiliate’s site through your efforts. To make money with an affiliate program, you sidestep the hassle of owning an online store. All you need to do is promote other worthy online stores or services.

Linking to other websites

Linking is one of the strategies you can use to dramatically increase traffic to your website or blog. Building quality links is a significant part of any web promotion plan. Well placed links can have a huge influence on the amount of consistent, targeted traffic you get to your site. Your link popularity is determined by the total number of sites that link to yours.  Here are a few good resources you can use for linking to other websites.

Clicking along with Clicksor

A good alternative to Google Adsense, Clicksor comes as a real boon to those who haven’t gotten their Adsense application approved or who have had their Adsense account banned for some reason. Clicksor has the third largest publisher network and allows you to earn through more than ten different ad formats. Depending on the performance that advertisers obtain from your website placement and clicks, you could potentially earn up to 60% of the revenue share… which is quite a considerable percentage! As an additional bonus they have an excellent referral program that offers 10% commission.


Kontera for blogs

Kontera works best with content rich blogs. To get approved, you need to have a well established blog with huge page impressions. They display relevant ads by scanning your website and looking for the relevant keywords that match keywords in their database. The payouts with Kontera are quite impressive with record high Click Through Rate or CTR. Some members claim that they have the best payouts in the business along with the best relevancy and user experience. The really good news – it takes only a minute to enroll and set up.