Working with Adsense

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best and most popular program around.  There’s nobody who wants to make money online who hasn’t heard of Google Adsense. It’s like the buzzword of the virtual world. If you get approved, you can monetize your site with some of the most desirable ads. However, the approval criteria have become so stringent lately, you will find it difficult to get your application approved unless you have established a significant online presence through your blog or website.

Monetization of a site

Website monetization simply means the process or processes that you use to start earning an income from your website or blog.  While there are several strategies that you can implement to monetize your site, there are a few that are far more effective than others. To find out the effectiveness of the different platforms across the board, I spoke to several website owners and asked them to share their experiences and their opinions on the best monetizing strategies. The sites mentioned below were unanimously voted as amongst the best ones to use.


Free to join, all you need to do is place a link to the Wordtracker site anywhere on your site and you earn 15% of every sale that your site generates. What’s more, once a sale is generated from your site, that customer is forever considered your referral and you earn a commission every time they make a purchase. There are many people who are making some serious money promoting Wordtracker.


As a SiteSell affiliate you stand to earn $75 to $250 per annual subscription with a lifetime annual bonus commission on every renewal. For part timers it is a great way to create a secondary revenue stream whereas full time entrepreneurs are finding that they can even earn a great primary income as a SiteSell affiliate.   Many people are calling it the best online affiliate program. Definitely worth  looking into as the earnings can add up really quickly.

AffiliateBOT Referral Program

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. AffiliateBOT is poised to become one of the largest and highest earning referral programs in the world. This is an absolutely brilliant program. Promote AffliateBOT and for every member you refer you earn $1 outright and then you continue earning 5% of their earnings for life.  Imagine the possibilities!


What’s there to say about Amazon that hasn’t already been said! Easily one of the most recognizable marketplaces on the internet, Amazon is also one of the largest and the most successful affiliate programs ever. There are several reasons behind the huge popularity of the Amazon affiliate program. It is unbelievably easy to join – you simply sign up, choose your product and you’re ready to go. Talking about products, they offer an endless array that you can choose from. From high end devices to baby clothes and diapers, they have it all and to advertise these products, you have numerous options in terms of how you want to display the ads on your site. Amazon also gives you all the tools you need to track how the ads perform on your site.

Affiliate Programs

Signing up with website affiliate programs is one of the most popular ways for anyone to make money online.  As an affiliate you get paid for every customer, subscriber or visitor that arrives at affiliate’s site through your efforts. To make money with an affiliate program, you sidestep the hassle of owning an online store. All you need to do is promote other worthy online stores or services.

Let’s Eat!

Different from all other free website builders, Let’s eat is meant especially for those from the restaurant industry who want to create their own free website. The software is advanced and provides all those special features that you would look for in a restaurant website. You can post your menus online, generate printable, custom designed online coupons, publicize upcoming events and streamline to-go order phone calls. An embedded Google Map makes it easy for customers to locate your restaurant. Sounds complicated but in fact, it does not have the steep learning curve that you would expect. You simply sign up, choose a theme and you’re on your way. Once you’ve got your website up, the clean, elegant interface can be easily updated with the latest news without any prior training.