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Nowadays there are several website builders easily available that you can make use of to develop your own website. Most of these website builders offer a fully functional free version with a basic web template and a few pages but with limited web hosting.  To avail of the more advanced features, you can easily upgrade to a premium account for a small monthly fee.

After checking out several, I’ve found that these are some of the better free website development tools that you can use for building your website.

Let’s Eat!

Different from all other free website builders, Let’s eat is meant especially for those from the restaurant industry who want to create their own free website. The software is advanced and provides all those special features that you would look for in a restaurant website. You can post your menus online, generate printable, custom designed online coupons, publicize upcoming events and streamline to-go order phone calls. An embedded Google Map makes it easy for customers to locate your restaurant. Sounds complicated but in fact, it does not have the steep learning curve that you would expect. You simply sign up, choose a theme and you’re on your way. Once you’ve got your website up, the clean, elegant interface can be easily updated with the latest news without any prior training.



Doomby’s free website builder provides you with everything you could need to get your site up and running quickly and easily whether you want just a few pages for a personal blog or a full scale professional or e-commerce website with all the bells and whistles. With no limits either in bandwidth size or number of pages, their free package is definitely far more attractive as compared to many other free website builders.



This award winning website builder offers more than one hundred professional templates for you to create a professional looking website for your business. It is easy to use even without any technical skills and offers a suite of paid website builder packages. The free package allows you to build a website with 1GB monthly bandwidth, 20MB storage space and up to fifteen pages on a second level domain.



What makes Doodlekit stand out from other website creator tools is that it is all online. You can build your website without downloading or installing any software on your computer and best of all, you can use it from any computer, anytime and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. What more could you ask for! This online website builder and Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for anyone who wants to build a website, from novices to more experienced web developers and professional web designers.



You can expect plenty to have a lot of fun playing around with the many interesting features that Yola offers but what makes this website builder particularly popular is that it allows you to have five websites on one account. That too, without any pop-up ads or banner.  Its free, easy to use and provides everything you need to put up your professional website in just a matter of minutes. More advanced users can easily get under the hood and take complete control of their website by editing images online and adding Javascript and HTML as well as sitewide CSS.



With its easy to use drag and drop interface and a huge gallery of professional design templates along with plenty of impressive applications, Webs makes it simple for anyone to put up a professional looking website fast. You do not need any technical skills to use this free software but you will be limited to five web store items if you use the free package to build your online store. To get additional capacity, you will need to upgrade.



This is a brilliant website builder that offers a surprisingly large number of creative templates completely free. Its easy to use web design software means there is no learning curve and you can set up a web site in no time at all.  No technical skills required.



Its Flash capability sets Wix apart from other site builders. The only website builder that is based entirely on Flash, it is ideal for adding animation to your website and is an excellent option for small business owners who want to build a website to showcase their products or for artists to showcase their creations. All its design elements are drag and drop, making it very easy to customize your entire site to suit your purpose and your preferences.


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Ideal for bloggers at all experience levels, WordPress has established an unshakeable position for itself among the top five popular blogging interfaces. It is easy simple enough for the most novice blogger but has loads of features to suit more experienced bloggers and even businesses. With WordPress you get over 100 free themes with plenty of customizable options so you get very deep control over your site. The overall navigation is simple and straightforward but it does have a learning curve for those who want to avail of the more advanced options but it is worth if you consider the ongoing benefit you get to enjoy.