With its two core components: 1- a website builder for creating personal and business websites and 2- an online store, Webnode is the ideal solution for anyone looking to build an online presence whether it is by way of a personal, business or e-commerce website. Its drop and drag functionality is outstanding and you can avail of hundreds of modern templates tailored to suit your needs. If you are looking to create a multilingual website, you’ll find that no other website builder makes it as easy as Webnode. The number of products that can be offered in your free online store is limited to ten.



Chock full of fantastic features without compromising functionality or usability, SnapPages gives you everything you need to create an incredible looking website. A simple drag and drop makes it easy for you to get your new website up and running in next to no time. SnapPages goes one step further and promises more enjoyment with less confusion by giving you only the tools you need and leaving out those that you don’t need. This is the perfect website builder for anyone looking for a simple but professional looking website that can be easily updated and maintained without any hassles.



‘Ease of use in every way’ is what Jimdo promises and that’s exactly what you get with this free website builder. Building a website using Jimdo takes just a couple of minutes even if your prior computer experience is limited. You will find that there are absolutely no barriers to website building with this platform and creating a business website, with or without a store is just as easy as building your own personal website.  Its excellent features for displaying products, order management and inventory tracking make Jimdo an excellent choice if you are looking to open your own online store.


Building your site

Nowadays there are several website builders easily available that you can make use of to develop your own website. Most of these website builders offer a fully functional free version with a basic web template and a few pages but with limited web hosting.  To avail of the more advanced features, you can easily upgrade to a premium account for a small monthly fee.

After checking out several, I’ve found that these are some of the better free website development tools that you can use for building your website.